Leigh-Ann keeps it simple

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Relax in the Valley
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latteLeigh-Ann is looking forward to a day off in the middle of the week to enjoy a West Coast day in October. She plans to have a Destination Birthday in the Comox Valley with her teenage kids.

She will start her Mappy Birthday with an early run up Ryan Road Hill taking in that gorgeous view of the Comox Glacier on the way back down. After the run, she’ll pick up a complimentary coffee at Starbucks ().

With the teenagers awake when she gets back to the hotel, they will all head over to Booster Juice for breakfast smoothies – Leigh-Ann’s is free (). Next stop is Seal Bay Nature Park to take in the fresh ocean air.

Back to the hotel for a hot tub, then lunch at Locals () followed by a quiet afternoon reading the novel Leigh-Ann bought on the ferry yesterday. When 4 PM rolls around, it’s time to think about making a dinner reservation. The word on the street is that Atlas Cafe () welcomes birthday guests. It doesn’t get better than a farm-fresh fall day in the Valley.

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